A small start up with big ideas

We don’t want to change medicine — we absolutely want to make it cheaper and more efficient!

What if
healthcare professionals could easily and efficiently manage on call hours?

What if
doctors and nurses had social media quality text, audio and video chat?

What if
medical clinics could share high resolution images instantly?

What if
medical professionals could store & share data on a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud?

And what if
all of these features existed in one simple, affordable product?

No more what ifs.

21st century medicine needs
21st century medical communication.



Secure, HIPAA Compliant Medical Communication


AXON solves real life customer problems


A critically injured patient receives an MRI. Doctors realize the best chance for a successful recovery is emergency care at a specialized hospital hundreds of miles away.

Many hospitals burn MRI files to data discs and send these forward with the patient. Specialists located forward must wait to review imagery, costing critical care planning time.


With AXON, the doctors can upload the MRI to a secure cloud and share it, providing lead time for colleagues to plan life-saving treatment.


A doctor wants to consult with her colleague about a patient’s test results. The quickest and easiest way is to share a file while discussing the data over a chat. HIPAA compliance, however, means the doctor must be very careful. Patients can sue hospitals if healthcare information is shared carelessly.


With AXON, a secure, HIPAA compliant, “locked down” chat system protects doctors and patients when discussing health information — even while using personal smart devices and PCs.


A clinician has a family emergency and needs to reschedule her on-call availability. Schedule changes usually involve multiple contacts to colleagues and management staff.


With AXON, a dynamic real-time system streamlines team scheduling. The clinician messages her colleagues with the touch of a button on her smart phone. When an available colleague accepts the request, management is automatically notified, and AXON sends out the new schedule to the team.


A medical practice needs a way to safely store office documents — bills, test results, scans, patient medical histories. Using a standard PC doesn’t guarantee HIPAA compliance and useful information can be trapped at the office.


With AXON, medical data is encrypted and stored on a personal cloud. Staff, patients and doctors can access mission critical documents from their smart devices with the touch of a button — with assurance that their data is protected against unauthorized access.


Tools you can use today — 1.0 Features

AXON On Call

Set a schedule and deliver it to your colleagues. Forward on-call requests to other team members and to team leaders in real time. Get notified of your schedule on your smart device. AXON On Call delivers dynamic scheduling for your medical practice.


Device independent text, audio and video chat — built into our baseline software package. AXON Chat secures and stores messaging data for HIPAA compliance, billing and liability protection. Your team can confidently discuss test results in real time.


Send critical data to the next treatment station before the patient arrives. AXON View allows your team to deliver molecular, radiological and ultrasound images and more to colleagues around the world or around the block.

AXON Cloud

AXON Cloud is a secure system for storing and sharing medical data. Your team members can create public and private folders and access their documents from the road. Doctors can share documents with patients and colleagues — including forms requiring signature.


2.0 features and beyond —
Big ideas for expanding AXON

AXON’s features will be refined and expanded based on feedback from early adopters. Plans exist now to include robust patient connection and record management capabilities in future releases:

AXON Patient

Communicate directly with patients with a secure, HIPAA compliant, tracked system. Read and visualize data from patient smart devices. Use online diagnostic libraries to research symptoms for assessment and diagnosis. AXON Patient takes clinic assessments into the digital information age, freeing the doctor to focus on the analog patient experiences.

AXON Records

A typical visit to the doctor’s office means filling out long, multi-page paper forms with redundant information requests. With AXON Records your patients can securely update personal information, answer questionnaires, and recieve targeted information requests. All data instantly populates to your AXON records database.


A Team of Experts

AXON’s leaders possess IT, medical and business expertise that together
empower efficient product development and effective process management.

Marcus Thomas Lewis

Marcus is the founder of Smart Applications, LLC and SMG Mobile. When not building technology products he enjoys surfing, skydiving, and spending time with his family.

Doctor Randall Willard

Dr. Willard is an emergency medicine specialist working in Wilmington, NC. He received his medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and has been in practice for over 15 years.

Christopher Crecelius

Chris is an entrepreneur and start-up veteran. He enjoys networking, managing his social media magazine, and studying business leadership in his free time.

Learn more about AXON

AXON is gearing up for a 1.0 beta release. We’re looking for early adopters who can help us refine and improve our product. Our first customers will enjoy discounted access and the opportunity to help shape future release features.