Freedom of information

Canadian-Iranian blogger and once-jailed dissident Hossein Derakhshan argues that digital media companies like Facebook and Twitter are undermining the spirit of the web. In contrast to dialogue-focused, independent blogs and forums, which provoke intellectual exploration, Facebook offers a closed, television-like experience that reinforces biases. Hossein also expresses concern about the amount of social control these media companies possess over mass populations.

The Web We Have to Save – Editor: Myself

The rich, diverse, free web that I loved - and spent years in an Iranian jail for - is dying. Why is nobody stopping it? By Hossein Derakhshan (@h0d3r), (Source: Matter) Illustrations by Tim McDonagh Seven months ago, I sat down at the small table in the kitchen of my 1960s apartment, nestled on the top floor of a …


— Marcus