Inhuman extremism: using children as bombs

More evidence of the cult-like nature of ISIS:

Why Afghanistan’s Children Are Used as Spies and Suicide Bombers

“We here in Afghanistan, we see all the fighters. We learn from them,” says the 17-year-old Afghan boy, holding a gun and swaying back-and-forth. He doesn’t make eye contact as he speaks. “God willing, we want to be like them.” His name is Naimatullah, and he says he has been trained to carry out a suicide mission.


Children of ISIS

Tens of thousands of children currently live in ISIS-controlled parts of Iraq and Syria, and the group is actively recruiting some of them to be its next generation of fighters. In Children of ISIS, a FRONTLINE digital film, boys who went through its training describe the coercive methods ISIS uses to indoctrinate children to encourage unquestioning loyalty and obedience, as it prepares them to fight.