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The terror years

Larry Wright argues that we must never give up on the ideals enshrined in our constitution.

One question posed in this interview: Should we still care about Al Qaeda in light of the ascendency of ISIS?

Answer: Yes, the ideology and tactics of Islamic extremism — that Al Qaeda birthed — continue to spread, threatening the stabilty of the Middle East and the liberties and security of enlightened democratic states. Zawahiri’s cohort must remain a target for justice.

‘The Terror Years’ Traces The Rise Of Al-Qaida And ISIS

From Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State Hardcover, 366 pages | Author Lawrence Wright was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, which meant he was required to do two years of what was called “alternative service.” He ended up in Egypt, teaching at the American University in Cairo.

Escaping the cult…

A nation-sized cult attacks a member who braves leaving.

North Korea calls UK-based defector ‘human scum’ – BBC News

North Korea has branded a UK-based diplomat who defected to South Korea as “human scum”. Thae Yong-ho, deputy envoy in London, and his family are now under the protection of the South. Without listing his name, the North’s Korean Central News Agency said the envoy had been accused of leaking secrets, embezzlement and child rape.

ISIS eats itself

When leaders in an organization begin to victimize subordinates — out of fear, paranoia — it’s often a sign that the end is near. Mistrust means weakness. Isis’s self-immolation may be an opportunity for opposition forces to press.

islamic-state-kills-dozens-its-own-hunt-spies | MilitaryTimes

BAGHDAD – In March, a senior commander with the Islamic State group was driving through northern Syria on orders to lead militants in the fighting there when a drone blasted his vehicle to oblivion. The killing of Abu Hayjaa al-Tunsi, a Tunisian jihadi, sparked a panicked hunt within the group’s ranks for spies who could have tipped off the U.S-led coalition about his closely guarded movements.