Secrecy and scrutiny

Know this:

  1. Military secrecy matters, yes, but only insofar as it protects our soldiers and citizens from harm, helps us to win the day, to defeat our enemies.
  2. Secrecy does not exist to protect bureaucracies, bureaucratic procedures, or provide “top people” with special knowledge as a privilege of power.

The officer discussed in the article following, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, appeared to be trying to help his fellow Marines survive, and when some didn’t make it home, help loved ones of the fallen get through a difficult grieving process. If the story is true, then we’re lucky to have leaders like him.

I will defer to General Stanley McChrystal:

Wasn’t this young man just trying to do the right thing?

A U.S. Marine Tried To Warn A Comrade, Now He Faces A Discharge

Enlarge this image Four years ago, Jason Brezler sent an urgent message to a fellow Marine in Afghanistan, warning him about a threat. The warning wasn’t heeded, and two weeks later, three U.S. troops were dead. Now the Marine Corps is trying to kick out Maj. Brezler because the warning used classified information.


— Marcus