Lead by example

When America claims moral superiority over regimes that torture, murder and imprison their own, we must recognize that these claims carry with them a duty to set a higher standard for ourselves. The use of isolation and long-term sentencing in our prisons is therefore a shame we must correct, just as was the use of torture to gain intelligence information.

When we are the example for the world to follow, we embolden dissidents who fight for enlightened, humane democracy, encourage brave citizens to expose authoritarian regimes, and cast aside the sophistry of those who point to hypocrisy within our borders to excuse oppressive systems without.

(National Research Council via Washington Post)

Below, a New York Review of Books article explores the cruel and unusual effects of prison isolation. This BBC Future post also covers the subject.

America’s Invisible Inferno

Approximately 400,000 people in our prison population move in and out of solitary, and many of America’s over two million prisoners know they can be put in solitary even if they are jailed for the most minor offenses. Between 80,000 and 120,000 men and women are held in solitary confinement every day.


— Marcus