Founding Officers

Glenn Carle
Glenn served 23 years in Clandestine Services. Former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Transnational Threats; he was responsible for strategic analysis of terrorism, international organized crime, and narcotics trafficking. Author of The Interrogator: An Education.


Torin Nelson
Torin is a 22 year veteran human intelligence officer and interrogator with multiple deployments overseas including Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Bosnia. Torin has conducted over 2,000 field interrogations, interviews and debriefings, and is also a veteran instructor and consultant.

Charles Mink
Charles is a former US Army interrogator, instructor & Arabic linguist. He is currently an instructor of the Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture.

Marcus Thomas Lewis
Marcus is a former US Army Interrogator & Interrogation Instructor, US Army Captain. He currently works in the private sector.

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