Mission Statement

IAT/VAT is an alliance of veteran American military, federal and civil service interrogators and criminal investigators formed as a direct response to leaders in the United States government who argue that abusive interrogation techniques are necessary for America’s defense.

IAT/VAT asserts that policies of abuse are wrong in every sense — legally, morally, strategically, and tactically: torture is against the law; torture undermines the founding principles of the United States government; torture creates hostility to the United States and her interests abroad; torture is not an effective means to gain accurate and timely intelligence information.

IAT/VAT asserts that directives to abuse, even those blessed off under the veil of non-disclosure agreements, are illegal, dishonorable and unethical. Such directives break U.S. laws, defy international agreements to which the U.S. is signatory, and when carried out, harm not only detainees but also subordinates tasked to supervise and perform the abuse.

IAT/VAT also strongly condemns rendition, also known as refoulement — the transfer of detainees from American custody to nations where they will be tortured for the express purpose of gaining intelligence information.


IAT/VAT serves as a forum to educate the public about the art, science and honorable history of humane and effective interrogation.

IAT/VAT welcomes thoughtful discourse and debate on topics relevant to interrogation, human rights, security, war and peace.

IAT/VAT is an advocate for interrogation professionals who serve in military and civilian security forces.

IAT/VAT is an advocate for the human rights and lawful treatment of any persons held in captivity.

IAT/VAT provides best practice guidance for interrogators and law enforcement personnel charged with the task of gaining information from captured unlawful actors.

IAT/VAT asserts that all nations should strictly adhere to the United Nations Convention Against Torture without exception.

IAT/VAT asserts that the United States is a beacon of liberty to the world; it must live up to its ideals in law and practice, and never again sanction torture.